TCT Construction, Inc.
A General Contracting Company

Success Means, Working Harder, Going Further , Giving More 

(Than Anyone Else)

GA Certified GSWCC Member and Licensed General Contractor

TCT Construction, Inc. is a United States ARMY Veteran owned and operated company.  Our business has been state registered for 18 years. We provide residential improvements, including kitchen and bathroom makeovers, custom wood work for cabinets, door casing trim, crown finishes, tile designs, additions for rooms, garages, exterior concrete pouring for driveways, walkways, paver stone designs, home extensions for added space, office makeovers, structural and non-structural retaining walls, hardscapes and much more. 

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to providing great business relationships between the homeowner and my team of dedicated trades and carpenters. We approach each project as if it was our personal investment.  Our motto " Working Harder, Going Further, Giving More" Than Anyone Else stands for the dedication and professionalism we strive to achieve everyday.  

Close the deal

As a military veteran, I believe in the old school method of a "handshake" to seal the deal for a solid commitment on both sides of a contract agreement.  The homeowner should support each project with patience and understanding. TCT Construction will deliver what is requested and what the homeowner has for expectations.  We know and understand each project is an investment in time and a financial commitment to have what you want or need. Our goal is satisfaction at the end of each makeover, project and featured design.   

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Send us a message or call us for an appointment to come out and provide an estimate for your new project or makeover. All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours or sooner.  Thank You for keeping your Veterans working in our local communities.  

TCT Construction, Inc

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